Welcome to our new and improved website: a product of the Season of Transform

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~ Image by Dan ~ The arrival of autumn brings about many changes to our everyday experience of life. Maybe we notice the drop in temperature, the shortening of the day, or the changing colour of leaves. Perhaps we even get caught up in the frenzy of back-to-school and back-to-work. No matter what our circumstances, change is afoot isn’t it?

Change is certainly afoot in our website and social media efforts. We at Source Centre saw that the previous website was no longer serving our needs (Season of Discover) and took action (Season of Transform). We gave the website a fresh new look. A clean, relaxed and understated website design is an online oasis much like our office is an urban oasis from the stressful buzz of the city. Services, schedules, and other information are being reorganized into fewer categories that are more intuitive. The schedule is now front and centre on our website and shows what services are available each day and by whom, as well as any special workshops and events that we hold.

The website also allows each of us at Source Centre to blog about upcoming events and workshops, interesting health topics, and engage in online discussion. Twitter and Facebook are another part of our efforts to engage with ever larger social circles. In short, we at Source Centre are opening the possibility of creating a vibrant online community of people interested in their health and well-being.

Enjoy the new website as we continue transform and reorganize. We welcome any of your thoughts!

Dr. Leo


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