Are weight loss supplements helpful in losing weight?

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Unfortunately not, at least not long-term. Diet pills rarely lead to permanent weight loss, as they do not actually “train” your mind to eat better and exercise more. The best method for weight loss is simply eating well and getting plenty of exercise. If you find that snacking is your weakness, try to get in touch with your hunger and appetite instead of relying on supplements. Often times we think we are hungry, when in actuality, our minds are playing tricks on us based on advertisements, scents, or anything else.  It is recommended to eat meals made up of foods that satisfy hunger and control appetite. Include sources of lean proteins, and snack on healthy high-fibre foods such as fruits and vegetables. With the growing market of diet supplements, buyer beware and do your research!

A popular supplement currently on the market are raspberry ketones and they come in a variety of products. Some versions are sold at health food stores, with less obnoxious health claims, and are often combined with green tea, vitamins or  other herbals. When sold in combination with other nutrients, the health claims are often associated with the green tea, resveratrol and the like, with the raspberry ketone added as a flavouring or colourant. These products can also be purchased at pharmacies and are readily available on the internet.

Lacking scientific research suggesting that raspberry ketones aid in weight loss, one might wonder how they are sold on the market with such claims. Health Canada acknowledges raspberry ketones to be a flavour enhancer added to other supplements, so sales are permitted. However, supplement stores and online websites are readily claiming the raspberry ketone to be a bioactive in helping the body to metabolize fat. When people see claims associated with a new product on the market, they jump to the conclusion that the claims are being made about the raspberry ketones themselves, when in actuality, the claim has been around for years for the actual bioactive nutrient.  

They seem to be the newest rage in the ever growing weight loss market. Dr. Oz claims them to be a “Fat Burner in a Bottle”[1], backed up by seemingly real science. However, what the general public is not made aware of on the Dr. Oz website, is that there no sound scientific evidence suggesting that raspberry ketones do anything more than add flavour. Like any other product on the market, Dr. Oz, amongst other weight loss pill endorsers, say that it works when accompanied with healthy lifestyle habits. So is it the raspberry ketones that are making people lose weight…or is it the fact that people taking them are more likely to take conscious decisions when it comes to exercise and food choices? Probably the latter.

Websites designed for the sale of raspberry ketones state that the product is completely natural, and all the ingredients are good for you to consume, so therefore there are no side effects[2]. Just because something is natural does not mean that there are no dangers in consuming the product. Any product that contains a bioactive ingredient, as the raspberry ketone is claiming to be, poses some risk to the consumer. The various websites advertising raspberry ketones are laden with spelling errors and grammatically incorrect sentences. If this doesn’t blatantly show that there is a lack of credibility in the product, then I’m not sure what does. 

Overall, the evidence to suggest that raspberry ketones are beneficial in weight loss and weight management are null and void. Buyer beware. Celebrity endorsements may make a product seem like a magic bullet, but science doesn’t lie. This just goes to show how important it is to research a product before ingesting it into your body. So kick the ketones to the curb, and eat some fresh, delicious, real, and natural raspberries instead. 

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