How much weight do I need to lose to gain health benefits?

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Have you ever wondered if the basic lifestyle changes you are committing to will benefit your well being in the long run? It can often be challenging to maintain a diet and exercise regime because the changes that occur can seem so insignificant. However, not all the changes are going to be visible right away and any lost weight is going to be beneficial. People often complain about working out and eating well for weeks, yet they are not losing the weight that they had imagined.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is the first step in achieving health benefits of weight loss.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle will be observed throughout the body, but the changes often begin internally. Health benefits are observed when any amount of weight is lost, especially when it is done so in a gradual manner as opposed to crash dieting. Crash dieting will trick the body into thinking it is being starved. This will effectively decrease the body’s metabolism and cause weight gain, or inconsistent weight loss, in which an initial period of weight loss will be followed by weight re-gain. Another issue with crash diets are the persistent cravings. When you starve your body of required nutrients, the body will respond by craving foods that are high in fat. This is an innate coping mechanism of the body in order to maintain energy levels for basic bodily functions. Crash diets and speedy weight loss are not going to benefit the body, and any weight loss achieved will be short lived.

Make small changes in eating and physical activity routines that can be sustained over time. Your body will lose weight gradually and more permanently.

So, to get back to the question: How much weight loss is recommended to see benefits? If you are overweight, losing as little as 5% of your body weight can help improve blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars and blood triglyceride levels. This equates to losing 8 pounds for someone who weighs 175 pounds. Losing this amount of weight can be easy, and getting assistance from a nutritionist and/or sports trainer can help you achieve your goals in a healthful manner for long lasting results.

A practical caloric restriction of only 250-500 calories a day will allow you to lose half to one full pound in a week, as 1500 calories is equivalent to one pound. Simply saying no to whipped cream topping on a drink can curb an astonishing 120 calories! Reducing 250-500 calories a day is manageable, and can be done in increments throughout the day. Losing small amounts of weight can improve your health and slowly help you reach a healthier weight.  Any amount of weight loss is beneficial if you are overweight. The moment you commit to a healthy lifestyle is the moment your body will begin to gain the benefits of weight loss.

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