Hydration & Water Bottles the Healthy Way

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Years ago, I thought I was onto something. I was getting more active, drinking more water, and making other healthy lifestyle choices. It seemed like a great idea to keep my water in a hard plastic bottle. Shatterproof, lightweight, and big in capacity, it seemed perfect for carrying around for work, exercise, and travel.

Soon, the evidence started surfacing that the hard plastics used in bottles (and many other items) could mimic our sex-hormones and ultimately cause problems with our health and wellness. BPA, the main chemical used to manufacture those ever-popular polycarbonate containers, and phthalates, a very common compound used to give vinyl and other plastics flexibility and a soft feel, were found to be the major culprits. I was sad to waste anything but when I saw the news, all I could do was pitch my plastic bottle into the garbage. And to the heavy and fragile mason jars I went!

To my surprise, little time had passed before BPA-free bottles started showing up at my local store. Confidence restored, I thought I had found water bottle nirvana once again. Think again.

As the saying goes: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. In March 2011, researchers published a study (download link to study) in Environmental Health Perspectives that showed most hard plastics leach estrogen-mimicking compounds under typical day-to-day conditions. Some plastics labeled BPA-Free (sorry Vitamix) were even more problematic than the BPA plastics they replaced.

What’s the bottom line?

  • Enjoy drinking your water. It’s refreshing, a vital nutrient to our health, and tastes great.
  • BONUS: The only thing more enjoyable than drinking fresh clean water is to eat it! It’s naturally sweetened, chock-full of a wide spectrum of nutrients, and filtered at the cellular-level. Yes, it’s fruit. Learn more about the wonders of fruit at my FREE workshop this Tuesday, October 18, 6:30pm (click for event info)
  • Avoid plastic containers. BPA-free doesn’t mean hormone-free.
  • Use glass containers wherever possible. Only glass containers are likely to be hormone-free.

What are people saying about BPA and Phthalates?

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