Training for a Half Marathon with Network Chiropractic Care

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Running, Marathon I love running. I love the freedom of starting my exercise regime as soon as I leave the house. It’s also a gratifying way to explore Toronto’s neighbourhoods in a way I would never have the patience for while commuting from place to place. I used to run regularly – my favourite route was through the Wychwood Park neighbourhood and around Casa Loma. That is, until I got injured.

One day, I ran too far too fast after a brief hiatus with a worn out pair of old running shoes and I got a major case of shin splints. Running was never the same after that. Every time I ran, I developed aches and pains that made me feel too old for my age – like lower backaches, sore knee joints and even numbness in my limbs. I stopped running and opted for “lower impact” exercise like cycling, rowing and yoga.

This summer, my good friend asked me to run a half marathon with her in Nice, France this upcoming November. It was a “bucket list” item we’ve been talking about for years and the opportunity was serendipitous so I took on the challenge. Luckily for me, since the time I stopped running regularly, I discovered the benefits of network chiropractic care.

Training, SunsetsBefore training for my half marathon, I would typically see my network chiropractor for a general tune-up once a month as a part of my personal stress management regimen. It feels like the combined effects of a relaxing deep tissue massage and invigorating 1hr yoga class. I started training at least once, sometimes twice a week, after seeing my chiropractor. I find it a vital part of my training regime to help keep me injury free. It’s also helpful to talk to my chiropractor about specific aches and pains – he gives me specific stretches to do at home so they don’t escalate to bonifide injuries or even permanent damage over time.

I feel great. I feel invigorated to go for a two-hour run after a session with my network chiropractor. It also feels great after a particularly painful run to speed up my recovery. I’m so glad I’ve rediscovered my love for running. Network chiropractic care is my key to staying injury free and optimizing my performance for my half marathon!


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