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Recently, I had a couple of wisdom teeth extracted. Admittedly, it was an uncomplicated procedure as far as these things go but I was amazed and delighted with the speed of my recovery. After a couple of days, I felt fully healed and experienced barely any pain throughout.

As I contemplated and expressed gratitude for this good fortune, I realized there were definitely some things that helped speed along and ensure a fantastic recovery. I would like to share them here with you in the hopes that you might find them useful too. In no particular order:

Daily meditation and prayer: we may hear a lot these days about the value of this practice and there is good reason for it! Given our busy lives lived within chaotic and noisy cities, it is absolutely vital to create a quiet, centering space within. The more I practice this, the quicker and easier am I able to access the calm within even the most stressful times, thereby easing any tension and anxiety.  Prayer is a relatively new addition for me and I like to end my meditations with a short wish that I may meet all that is coming my way with dignity and grace; that I am able to surrender to the things I cannot change.  That I accept and trust.

In the weeks before my appointment, I also added some affirmations specifically directed towards my procedure. In the meditative state is where I employed them and they ran along the lines of: I am a terrific healer. I heal quickly and well. (Visualizations, too,  work wonders if you are a visual type.)

Support: I found it invaluable to know and understand the type of support I would need in the lead up to the procedure, the duration, and the recovery period. Then I ensured that I asked for it.  For me, this meant having a knowledgeable and gentle dentist (a huge, huge thanks to Dr. Kevin Kliman and staff) whom I trusted and knew respected my anxiety issues around dental care. It also meant having a loved one come with me to my appointment, wait for me,  greet me with loving arms when it was over, and help me home (then make me mashed potatoes for dinner because it was pretty much all I could eat).

It also made me feel better to talk about my impending procedure because I felt nervous about it and talking helps me. It allowed me to commiserate and receive words of support and counsel from those who had already been through such a thing. It helped me feel less alone.

For all of us, support means something different but ultimately the important thing is to articulate to yourself what it is exactly that you need. Then, ask for it! If we carry unspoken expectations, we’re bound to be disappointed. Better to connect and discover what you need and then find the help. Most of us are delighted to help, but we just need to know how.

Plan ahead for rest: we push ourselves very hard and often get caught in a mindset that we have to do everything ourselves. The world won’t fall apart if we plan for an extra day or two of rest, even if we think we’re feeling okay to continue on as before. I found it very helpful to know I had an extra couple of days blocked off to heal; it eased any anxiety I may have nursed about having to go back to work when I wasn’t quite ready. We can’t heal fully and properly if we’re stressing out about what needs to get done.

Last, but certainly not least, I call this – Demonstrating Love and Respect for Self through good nutrition and proactive self-care. We all know that we need to eat well to feel well. Before my dental procedure, I made an extra special effort to ensure my diet had a lot of antioxidants, and vitamin and mineral rich food (i.e. lots of fruits and veggies). But it was also invaluable to be on a regimen of holistic -care. For me, this consisted primarily of regular Network Spinal Analysis entrainments and acupuncture. It is unfortunately all too common that we come in for care only when we aren’t feeling well. When we wait only for those times, it’s much tougher to get to feeling better. I have found that regular care as a matter of course, throughout life as I’m feeling well and fine, keeps me running at my optimal best – physically, emotionally and spiritually. This allows me to stay healthy while others around fall sick, to heal and bounce back from any necessary medical procedures, and to recover from the most difficult losses and challenges that are an inevitable part of being alive.

Actually, there’s one more thing. Expressing Gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for (advanced dentistry, amazing & supportive people, the opportunity to learn and grow, etc.). Thank you for reading and I hope that your paths to healing and recovery are filled with ease, grace, and comfort.

Do you have any tips for optimal recovery? I would love to hear them.

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