Lana Kevic, Art of Feminine Presence, Reiki, Womb Healing

Lana Kevic, Womb Blessing, Art of Feminine Presence, Reiki

Lana Kevic

Art of Feminine Presence™, Reiki, Womb Healings & Blessings


Lana is a certified and licensed Level 2 teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence™ and an Advanced Moon Mother trained and attuned by healer Miranda Gray.. She provides hands-on healing through the practice of Reiki and offers Womb Blessings and Healings and has run weekly Art of Feminine Presence circles at Source Centre for the past 3 years.

She also writes, and organizes events & workshops. In 2013, she organized the first Flow Festival: Happy Menstruation, Healthy Fertility day of workshops and lectures. In line with her interests in all things Divine Feminine, she is a fellow curator and admin of the global facebook page, Occupy Menstruation and co-hosts a meetup group called Divine Feminine Wellbeing alongside fellow wholistic practitioners offering a wide array of workshops and meets.

At present, Lana is travelling the west coast developing online programs and working with people remotely via telephone and skype.  For more information or to book a session with her, please call her at 416-820-2754 or email You can also check out her website at

Hours of Availability – Please call 416-820-2754

Nothing from Sat, Apr 29 to Fri, May 5.