Lana Kevic, Art of Feminine Presence, Reiki, Womb Healing

Lana Kevic, Womb Blessing, Art of Feminine Presence, Reiki

Lana Kevic

Art of Feminine Presence™, Reiki, Womb Healings & Blessings


Lana is a certified and licensed Level 2 teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence™ and a certified Moon Mother trained and attuned by healer Miranda Gray.. She provides hands-on healing through the practice of Reiki and offers Womb Blessings and Healings and runs weekly Art of Feminine Presence circles at Source Centre.

She also writes, and organizes events & workshops. In 2013, she organized the first Flow Festival: Happy Menstruation, Healthy Fertility day of workshops and lectures. In line with her interests in all things Divine Feminine, she is a fellow curator and admin of the global facebook page, Occupy Menstruation and co-hosts a meetup group called Divine Feminine Wellbeing alongside fellow wholistic practitioners offering a wide array of workshops and meets.

To book an appointment with Lana or to find out more information about the modalities she practices, please call her at 416-820-2754 or email You can also check out her website at

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