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Source Centre Book Club

Posted by on Nov 8, 2011 in Events, Quotes & Thoughts | Comments Off on Source Centre Book Club

I love books. I always have. Books have always been a sort of lifeline for me. As a child, they allowed me an escape into different worlds and experiences; at times, they articulated how I felt but couldn’t express; and they taught me much about people and the world around me. Over the years, my relationship with books has ebbed and flowed but has remained strong. Now, books are less an escape and more a solace, and a source of wisdom and inspiration. They are a bridge that connects me to people and stories from centuries past and far off places. They are both treasure and comfort. And, in my mind, a lasting investment whatever the circumstance! No matter how broke I’ve been over the years, I would treat myself to a treasure hunt at the local Goodwill and strike gold for a dollar or two. I’m also that person who loves stumbling upon a box at the end of a front lawn where some thoughtful resident has left books for a bibliophile like myself to rustle through. As a result, I have grown a massive library and a guarantee of wisdom and inspiration for years to come. I garner a sense of peace from this in the same way that my parents feel about their stacks of flour and canned goods! Do you love books too? Then I invite you to join us for our inaugural Source Centre Book Club gathering on Tuesday November 29th at 6:30pm. We will be discussing Elizabeth Lesser’s marvelous book Broken Open: How difficult times can help us grow. Writing in short, episodic chapters opening with inspiring and thoughtful quotes to ponder, Lesser  takes personal stories, both her own and others, and guides us through the dark, difficult parts of life. While pain in our lives is inevitable and inescapable, do we have to suffer? And if not, how do we eliminate the suffering? Can we take the difficult, most painful experiences to rise up renewed and healed?  And grateful for those painful times? I look forward to a lively, thoughtful discussion with good company and some light refreshments. All are welcome but please call 416-923-4325 or email us to register as space is limited P.S. Don’t think you can finish the book in time? Give it a try ~ it’s a great read you’ll not want to put down! Find out more about Broken Open.   What are people saying about Broken...

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