Synchronize yourself to health with Network Spinal Analysis

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Imagine this. You’re walking down the street with your headphones on. Your favourite song has you strutting to the beat and humming to the melody. The sun gently warms your face as you smile at the sky. Carried by a cool breeze is the sweet aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans. You take a deep breath and unwind. All is well, peaceful, and tranquil.

As you continue, you look back at the people inside sipping their lattes and americanos and think  you too would like a pick-me-up. You feel relaxed, maybe too relaxed to be going back to the office.

Suddenly, as you feel a  wave of sound and pressure at your face. The hairs on your neck stand on end, your muscles tense, and your breath comes to a screeching halt. A truck rounding the intersection nearly collided with you, but thank goodness you are safe from harm. Still, the panic and anxiety could linger for minutes or hours, even longer.

Perhaps it just makes sense that a stressful circumstance can leave our bodies and minds feeling stressed. And conversely, that a relaxing environment can bring us peace and tranquility. Have you ever wondered though, how this actually works? Ever wonder how some people stay calm under fire or others suffer from constant tension without rhyme or reason?

The key link between external stressors and the the sensation of stress is quite simple, synchronization. Synchronization as a general phenomenon takes places in every imaginable circumstance and the examples are limitless. Slow your breath and so too will your heartbeat. Dim the lights and feel the drowsiness take over. Hear the music and notice yourself sing, hum or whistle to the tune, or your body sway to the rhythm.  As Dean (played by Ryan Gosling) says in Blue Valentine,

You know when the song comes on, you just gotta dance?

The need to move and sing is our body’s need to synchronize.

What makes synchronization possible is our nervous system.  Made of 75 km of nerves originating from the spine for communication between the brain and all the tissues and organs of the body, and 2.5 million miles of wiring in the brain alone, our nervous system is extremely capable of perceiving and adapting to our ever-changing environment. The sight or smell of food causing our mouths to water and the faintest illumination at night causing our alertness to increase are two well-known examples. But did you know that a light touch from a Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) practitioner can help our body lighten the tension in our muscles, joints and other tissues? With Network Spinal Analysis, wide ranging health benefits are possible – including greater physical health, emotional well-being, and ability to handle stress. Synchronization is at the core of NSA and it all starts with a gentle touch.

Want to learn more about how NSA can help you? Talk to an NSA practitioner today.

Dr. Leo Quan


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