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Winter is upon us and as the evening dusk descends earlier, it is imperative that we take what I like to call ‘sunshine breaks.’  On the smallest scale, my daily sunshine break is taking a midday walk outside, enjoying a warm dose of afternoon sun as it warms the earth.  It is very important to have exposure to sunlight as it affects the production of vitamin D and its role of helping to absorb calcium in the body.  The combination of fresh air, break from work, and daylight sun (even if it’s just for ten to fifteen minutes) can help provide our bodies with a subtle boost! 


Mid-winter mini sunshine breaks are good too, especially post-holiday season.  Going away for a weekend and getting a hit of sun can be very refreshing and good for the soul.  Of course if you can take a fuller, longer vacation away, that’s even better!  Being immersed in sunshine can lift spirits, cause feelings of rejuvenation and allow us to get away from the everyday routine.  It can provide us with a sunny escape to feel like we’ve been gone away for a long time, only to be welcomed back happily to our daily lives.  

So go ahead, take your Sunshine Break!


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