SummerTime to disconnect to reconnect!

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The sun is here to stay and we are enveloped in the heart of summer.  As we welcome this glorious season full of activity, I just wanted to share how connected we can be to nature; if we let ourselves be free of electronic gadgets for a few moments in time.

Working in holistic health and wellness, it is always amazing for me to see how tech savvy and innovative the world can be.  However, we all know how much stress and anxiety technology can introduce into our daily lives.  It leads us to being so wired up and though we may feel like we are making social connections, really where is the natural human connection in a virtual transaction?

On top of it, what is all this technological ‘advancement’ doing to our bodies? Toronto writer Sheena Lyonnais tells us that health concerns such as text neck, touchscreen finger, tablet slouch, insomnia and stress are just a handful that have been popping up!  More than ever we are disconnected to what is going on within ourselves.  We are constantly being bombarded by external stimuli such as email inboxes, websites, text messages, facebook updates, phone calls, twitter posts, and the list goes on… All of these stressors strain our bodies little by little, eventually leading to one condition or another.

It’s hard to unplug (or be free from WiFi), but just try it!  Instead of the beat of your Ipod, let your ears hear the sounds of nature like back when you were a kid.  Time out and lay on the beach or in the grass, listening to the gentle breeze and watching the sun radiate through a perfectly blue summer sky. Click here for 8 ideas for enjoying the outdoors in the city.

If you would like some assistance getting back to nurturing your body, come check-in to Source Centre and then go ahead and check out of the daily tech grind.  Allow your body to re-center and reconnect.  It’s time to be your authentic self with or without your tech toys.

Happy Summer!


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