Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic (NSA)

Spine and NervesHow Our Bodies Work

The body is as much energy as it is matter.

In fact, the nervous system can be seen as an electrical wiring system that moves this energy around the body – allowing the brain to send messages and direct all our bodily functions. With a healthy nervous system the body is resilient, flexible and free to heal itself naturally. But we often store tension in our bodies. We develop habits, postures and routines that work against our nervous system. Every accident, injury or emotional strain is stored as stress somewhere in our body, eventually blocking the free flow of information from the brain which is trying to heal us. Over time, our nervous system becomes oblivious – overloaded with stress – critical nerve signals are confused – and natural healing is disrupted. The result is a decrease in body performance – illness and disease are encouraged to spread – and simple enjoyment of life disappears.

How NSA Works

Through a sequence of light touches where the spinal cord attaches to your spine, NSA draws your attention back to your nervous system – enabling a new awareness of deep-seated tension patterns and bound-up energy residing in your body. In conscious co-ordination with the practitioner, these gentle contacts encourage you to spontaneously stretch, breathe and move in ways that subtly release tension throughout your system. Over time, you teach your nervous system to remember what it was like to heal itself. In this critical way, it is not the practitioner who provides the healing – it is you – actively participating in returning your own body to its natural, harmonious state, with guidance.

The Benefits of NSA

Practice members report significant improvements in overall quality of life. Benefits include; a greater awareness of your body, improved movement and flexibility, improved resilience to stress of all kinds, the ability to breathe more deeply and easily, better sleep, fewer illnesses, less pain and discomfort, increased energy, a sense of well-being and peacefulness, and a desire to make healthier choices in everyday life.


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