To Sense from the Heart

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As humans, we are blessed with the ability to sense the exterior world through our 5 senses. How does this really work? Can we train or sharpen our senses to enhance and improve the way we experience our day-to-day life? Or is it maybe that some of us are gifted with special sensory talents?

While it’s true that some of us have a better musical ear or a more sensitive palate able to discern many flavors, I believe with some practice and attention we can all sharpen our senses and enjoy a richer, fuller life.

All we need to do is to practice. Sound simple? Well… it is.

For example, when practicing yoga we learn how to breathe and how to lead our breath to a targeted area in our body. While meditating we learn how to train our mind and clear our thoughts. We learn how to let thoughts go when they arise, rather than holding on to them.

Sensing is a practice pertaining to the heart. When the heart is involved in even little and seemingly banal actions, life can become more meaningful. Teaching the heart to be open and clear can allow us to feel and sense the world in an entirely different way. When giving our full attention to our senses, hearing becomes listening, looking becomes seeing, smelling becomes experiencing, tasting becomes nourishing, and touching becomes communicating. Our senses become embodied and emotional. To feel and be emotional is to be alive.

In physiology, as described by ancient Chinese medicine, each one of our senses passes through an internal meridian in the heart before being processed in our body and our consciousness. When we actively operate this channel, we can feel the external world and become united with it. We can then feel truly connected and at one with everything.


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