Runner’s High

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I’ve been training with a friend for the upcoming Toronto Waterfront half marathon in October and I’m super pumped!  I wasn’t always a runner…In fact, in the past I could barely even run for a minute without losing my breath.  I would shy away from running as a kid and it was just not really ‘my thing.’  I was a dancer, and that had always been my forte.  But since I began running in chiropractic school, I realized the great ‘runner’s high’ that people experience and how graceful and agile our bodies really are. 

I started running on a treadmill, alternating walking for ten minutes and then running for one minute.  Slowly, bit by bit I built up my running capability and registered for my first outdoor 5K race~ the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure for Breast cancer in Chicago.  I was so ecstatic when I crossed the finish line of my first race!  Wow, what a feeling! Since completing school and moving back to Canada, I have been participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure in Toronto every year. This summer I decided to train with the Running Room to actually complete a half marathon, and it has been an intense but rewarding experience.  I have seen the progress week after week as distances increase.  The feeling that comes from a run is just simply awesome!  It is an incredible state of euphoria to fly through the air with just our limbs and mental stamina.  We are free to run without abandon.  Nothing can hold us back and anything seems possible as we soar through the sky.

So from being someone who never really liked the warm-up run before tennis lessons, I’ve become a regular runner.  Go figure, but my body craves the natural endorphin rush!  Running through the streets of downtown Toronto is challenging but so worth it once I hit harbourfront and the lovely lakeshore trails.  It is inspiring to see so many dedicated runners along the path with the balmy summertime breeze grazing my skin.  Running is definitely one of my favourite workouts that creates so many zen moments and sets me free to believe I can do anything.  There are new possibilities every moment everyday.  I challenge you to take a stroll and turn it into a liberating run, sending your mind and body into exhilarating peace and calm.  

Hope to see you running alongside me on October 14, ’12 or cheering loudly with encouraging smiles.

Dr. Anita Rajan

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