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On a recent sunshine break away from Toronto, I had the chance to visit the Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado.  I went to attend a Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) intensive seminar and was encompassed by the brilliant sunshine and beautiful mountain view.  I was also engulfed in new information on reorganizational healing.  The energy of the doctors attending was empowering.  New and experienced doctors alike were transformed by the founder of NSA care, Dr. Donny Epstein.  I was pleased to be in the presence of such amazing healing energy and to be amidst the raw nature of the mountains.  During the four day seminar we discovered, transformed and were awakened to the extraordinary possibilities that life can be.

Thoughts, feelings, and behaviours were examined and powerful new strategies on healing were presented.  I am happy to be able to integrate new information into my practice.  After letting all the knowledge sink in post-seminar, we were lucky enough to have some time to head into Rocky Mountain National Park which was just a short drive away.  We could view the mountain peaks from a distance as we travelled along the winding roads.  Finally after turning a curve, we saw the majestic snow-capped rockies and were right in the midst of them.  Wow!  We were in awe!

The greatness of being immersed right in the heart of nature is a wonderful feeling.  The peaks were so bright white and the evergreen trees so strong and sturdy.  The sun was radiant and warm.  We even saw a moose just grazing a little distance from the road.  What a delight!  Needless to say, we had a lovely time taking in the pure nature surrounding us.

I just wanted to share this experience because it was truly life-changing for me and the way I practice the healing art and science of chiropractic.  I feel quite energized about helping people notice everyday blessings and taking health and healing to whole new levels.  I hope that this post has inspired you to reach higher peaks.  Make 2013 your year to transform, naturally and majestically.

Yours in health, 

Dr. Anita Rajan 

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