Rest in peace, dear Jack Layton.

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Rest in peace, dear Jack Layton. Not cured, but possibly healed?

Now that you have left this world and are finding a place on the other side, I’m left wondering you found healing while you were still here. In the introduction of 12 Stages of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness, Donald Epstein proposes that healing does not mean being free of symptoms. In fact, at the root of healing is wholeness, wellness, self-empowerment, alignment and integration. Healing is a process, not an outcome. Layton’s outcome was fatal, but perhaps his healing process fueled him to be empowered with family, with politics, and with governance?

What do you imagine Layton’s healing process was like? Empowering or not?

In contrast to healing, curing seeks to eliminate discomfort or other symptoms or illness or disease. Layton, if I were in your shoes, I’d probably be seeking a cure from cancer too. Being cured can have an important role in our road to healing and wellness. Gosh, if I was suffering from serious illness, I’d want to buy myself some time – and for what? I believe true potential for healing lies here – after the cure. For you Jack, I hope you found healing after overcoming your first bout of cancer. And facing cancer for a second time, I hope you found yet more healing despite no cure.

What do all these words mean to you? Healing, health, wellness, curing? Are they any different to you? Join the discussion below.

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