Resolution vs Evolution

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New Year’s Resolutions can be a fantastic way to create change for some people. For the almost 90% of people that are not successful with such resolutions, I would like to offer some insight.

Making any type of change can be challenging because there are many forces acting upon us that have the potential to direct our freedom of choice. In life there are internal and external forces. If we think of this as a ship sailing on the sea, there are forces that affect the course the ship will take. The captain of the ship can steer the ship in any direction that she/he chooses, she/he is the internal force that sets the course. External forces such as the waves and the wind have the potential to push the ship off course. We may not be aware that external forces are often driving the choices that we make in our lives. External forces can be overwhelming and sometimes overpower our internal drive and motivation, especially if our internal forces are not developed enough to stay on course.


When we are connected to our bodies and their innate wisdom, the external forces in our lives have less effect on our direction and choices. I believe that connecting with our inborn intelligence is the most powerful source of change. When we connect more deeply with ourselves our body can help us to deal with external forces and guide us in our life choices. When we renew connection, we have the internal motivation to more easily and naturally make changes to move towards greater health and wellbeing.


This year if you make a resolution consider the source of your motivation. Are you simply making a resolution because you think you should (external force), or is it deeply motivated from within (internal force)? Instead of making a huge resolution that you know you can’t keep consider making a resolution that will help you connect to your body and the intelligence within. Any small change that you make can have a huge affect on your wellbeing. Consider that if the captain changes the course of her/his ship by only one degree, across the span of an ocean, she/he could end up on a completely different continent.


Whatever you choose this New Year, devise a plan with realistic and achievable goals. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you are human like the rest of us. Consider making choices that will create evolution for yourself to create lasting and sustainable change.  There are endless ways that we can access the potential inside of us and facilitate the flow of energy and information through the body. This New Year at Source Centre we are offering a New Year, New You opportunity to help you facilitate the process of change for yourself. You can also visit my December blog to find some ideas of how to connect to your body and innate wisdom. I know for myself that when I put my focus here, that it is the best investment in change that I can make for myself. I wish you love, happiness, and self expression in the New Year.

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