Preventions for Low Back Injuries

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Throughout the day, we bend our back more often than we should. Whether we realize it or not, bending our back has slowly become a normal habit in our daily lives. Many activities cause our backs to curl improperly; from picking something up to slouching in a chair. However, too much bending of the back can increase the risk of a low back injury. The damage caused to a spine from excessive bending can be compared to the bending of a tree branch: where a branch would snap – a spine would be injured. In order to prevent these injuries, there are many minor changes we can make in our daily lives. Here are three tips I would like to share with you in order to reduce the number of times you bend your back each day:

1.    Avoid Twisting Motions

Twisting your upper body creates unnecessary stress to your spine. Alternatively, you can move your feel and rotate your entire body instead of twisting your upper body. Healthy exceptions include yoga or other guided physical activities.

2.    Don’t Bend 30 minutes into the Morning!

Your spine is fully hydrated after a night’s sleep and therefore, it is more susceptible to injury from the stress of bending 30 minutes into the morning.

3.    Avoid Heavy Loads on the Back!

If you’re trying to pick up something heavy, instead of using your back muscles use aWoman golfer picking up golf ball from hole on green after putt. lunge to focus the weight on your thighs. On the other hand, if you’re picking up something light, I suggest using the Golfer’s Lift. To do a golfer’s lift, stand on one leg and lift the opposite leg as you reach down. This will keep your spine straight as you bend down.

It’s amazing how a few small changes will add up and prevent injury to your low back. Keeping your back injury free can be this easy.

– Renee

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