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There was a time a few years ago when I was really keen on detoxes and explored and tried all sorts. This has been less so in recent times. To be honest, there’s a part of me that views a detox as a deprivation and I fear withdrawal symptoms – not just headaches, potential nausea and general fatigue, but even angst and restlessness at not allowing myself to reach out for my old standbys of comfort.

This April, I’m going to give it another go alongside my Source community. It’s springtime, a natural time to clean out and we’re taking a new approach. No deprivation model here, it’s actually about nourishment and there’s a lot of information available in-office and on the web, including some great talks we’re hosting in April.

In the meantime, I’d love to share my approach on getting started. So first, I like (need) to take a few weeks to prepare, and I pick a time period where my schedule is relatively light or where there aren’t too many outings planned. For us, this is going to be the week of April 15th. I begin to prepare myself mentally with the gentle reminders that we (the whole mind-body-spirit that composes this ‘Lana’ thing) are going to be undergoing a detox. This is a voluntary thing and the result is going to be positive. This is something we all want and it is a time-limited thing. We can totally do this.

I also create some intentions around what I would like to achieve – this will consist of physical intentions (like sleep better, feel more energized, improve my skin’s glow, and sure, drop a few pounds 😛 ) and also something more spiritual & emotional (I would like to gain more peace, feel more love, and gain greater clarity around decision-making).

The next piece is some practical planning around what I’m going to need. What is the detox itself going to consist of? What are the foods and equipment I’m going to need to have in place to make this work? Generally for me, I know that I need to have food and plans set for the next 2 days ahead; this also means setting aside time in my calendar every day (or other) to grocery shop and plan for the 2 days after that. And so on for the duration of the cleanse. Primarily, I will eat lots of raw food, say good bye to sugar, gluten, dairy, coffee, all fried and processed foods and add lots of water, herbal teas, seaweed, and supplements.

Here I also consider my Achilles foods – coffee, chocolate (and sweets in general) and bread. What is the game plan for dealing with these cravings? In my nourishing cleanse, I’m going to drink green tea so that will provide me with a caffeine fix but do it with healthy antioxidant goodness (In most, if not every cleanse, we eliminate caffeine). For my sweet tooth, I’ll turn to fruit or a banana smoothie. For bread, I may just try out a gluten-free bread. Depending on the type of detox you take on, there may be satisfying ways of taking the sting out. The truth is, there is a lot of healthy culinary satisfaction available that I’m not even aware of. This is the fun part. I’ve checked out some books and have found some recipes I’m really eager to try.

Our bodies thrive on proper nourishment. It’s never my body that craves junk food, is it? No! It’s my monkey mind that plays this game. And so, knowing this, there is definitely going to be resistance that comes up. What’s the plan for this? To acknowledge and welcome it lovingly when it does come up and just be with it. To anticipate that it will happen and it’s perfectly fine. To nourish myself in other ways – listening to music, singing, seeing friends, going out dancing, stretching out in some asanas, breathing, taking a walk in the park, spending time with children and pets, laughing, reading uplifting things. There are endless options.

Or use a lifeline and call a friend? Because it’s going to be easier this spring, as we’re undertaking this together. Nothing beats community support in keeping us on track and lifting us up out of the doldrums when we stumble.

I hope you’ll join us and feel great this spring!


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