Persimmon Pleasures

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One of the things I love about working at Source Centre ~ sharing fruit with friends. Since attending Dr. Leo’s Discover Raw Food workshop, I’ve been reading more on the raw food way of eating and incorporating a lot more of it in my diet, especially fruit.

November and December is a great time for persimmons which, up until a few weeks ago, I had never tried. Now, I can’t get enough…

Because it can be intimidating trying new things, I thought I would share some of my experiences with persimmons. There tend to be 2 different persimmons commonly found in the markets. One is the Hachiya variety which is long and rather heart-shaped (right in the picture). The other is the squat, tomato-resembling Fuyu variety(left).

I first purchased a couple of Hachiyas and waited a few days until one was rather soft, thinking it was ready to go. I peeled and ate it. Rookie mistake! If you unknowingly do the same thing I did, you may end up thinking this furry tongued experience is all there is to a persimmon. Not true – this variety is particularly astringent and takes a good deal of time to ripen. In fact, I’m told I may be able to enjoy this remaining beauty come the New Year. (It’s going to be a happy 2012!)

Our squat friend, the Fuyu variety, is not nearly as astringent and can be enjoyed even while quite firm. Fortunately, I didn’t give up on persimmons and have been enjoying this variety tremendously. I find them to be a bit of a cross between a peach and a mango, with a beautiful orange flesh speckled with brown dots – as though there is cinnamon or some other wonderful fragrant spice laced throughout. I highly encourage you to try persimmons this year on their own or in the smoothie below as recommended by Dr. Sue.

Persimmon Smoothie

3 persimmons

1 young thai coconut

Take the seeds out of the persimmons and combine with the flesh and the milk of the young coconut- blend on high for 3 minutes.

This is a great staple full of healthy natural fats, sugars and startches.

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