On Loving the Cold!

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(Image: “winter landscape” by dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

As the temperature begins to drop and the days get darker, I begin to hear a lot of complaints about the cold weather and impending winter. Granted, it’s often coming out of my mouth, however certainly not exclusively so. ..( You know who you are. And what are we doing living in Canada anyway if we have a problem with winter ;))

In the spirit of gratitude that we aim to cultivate and grow every day, here are some things that I enjoy about these cooler seasons that I like to remember, and would like to share (so you can remind me when I go off again!):

*Persimmons are back, cheap and delicious. If you missed it last year, here is my ode to this delicious fruit.

*Now is truly the best time to eat spicy foods. I take this time to enjoy hot spiciness on most everything. Warms you up right from the inside and keeps your nasal passages clear.

*Drinking tea especially brewing homemade chai tea right on the stovetop. The intoxicating scent of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom wafting through the house is heavenly. Apple cider and mulled wine is nice too!

And what about soup and freshly baked bread? There’s nothing like making your own food and feeling the heat and enjoying the anticipation of a hot, delicious, nourishing meal. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm!

Lest you think all that I enjoy about fall and winter is food, let me tell you about:

*Bundling up in the long, precious scarf my mom lovingly knit me, knowing that she spent many hours and put so much care into it to keep me warm.

*Snowy nights and the crisp air. How beautiful and peaceful! Consider a winter morning after a snowfall and the beauty of the snow draped branches.

*How about slip-sliding on the sidewalk? Snowball fights with friends? One is never too old to toboggan and just get totally dunked and covered in snow, not caring about being dry or dignified.  What of the beauty of rosy cheeks?

*How about curling around a fireplace and feeling its light and warmth? How about holidays and parties and red wine and cheese trays (oh, guilty pleasures!)?

*Cuddling under warm covers and watching a movie or reading a great book.   I feel the winter is a great time to commit to a lengthy classic. This is how I finally read War and Peace (particularly recommended for those who complain about winter and the cold – get a taste of Russian winter as experienced by the unknowing  troops of Napoleon! BRRRRRR!!!).

*How about skiing and snowboarding and skating and hot chocolate?  

*How about trying something new? A friend of mine was just talking about her plans to go dog-sledding in Algonquin Park this winter for the second time. She said it was such a rush…

You in?

How are you making this fall/winter special?

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