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newyearsresolutiondrleoIt’s a blank canvas ready for the first stroke of paint. It’s a novel waiting to be written. It’s a brand new year, and this Network Chiropractor has simple recommendations to make it the year for health and well-being. These new year’s resolutions will help you feel more connected, extra limber, and brimming with energy in 2015.

Check your stress levels

We get checked for blood pressure, cholesterol, dental cavities, vision and more. But do we get checked for stress and tension? Stored stress and tension can cause and worsen 95% of illness and disease. And it is definitely the root for most aches and pain. A Network Chiropractor is an expert at checking stress and tension levels.

Check your posture and alignment

Same goes for posture and alignment. A posture check is a very powerful tool to see the effects of stored stress and tension. Seeing your posture can help both you and the Network Chiropractor know if a back injury is still lingering, if the office job is taking its toll, and so much more, A picture is worth a 1,000 words, and a photographic evaluation of your posture is priceless.

Learn new strategies to reduce stress

We know that a healthy diet and daily exercise do wonders for our health. So then why are most people not doing it? What is often missing is that, while we know the benefits, we don’t feel the urge in our bodies to get the right nourishment and adequate movement. What’s missing is a strong mind-body connection. A Network Chiropractor is a great way to get that connection between the body and mind so you eat the right foods and get adequate exercise easily and naturally.

Here’s to a healthy 2015!
Dr. Leo

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