How does Network Chiropractic Work?

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Ever wonder how Network Chiropractic works? I’ve been asked this lately:

“Dr. Leo, my [ back, neck, headaches, energy, mood, etc. ] has been getting much better thank you, but I still don’t know how you do it. You barely touched my spine.”

Firstly, people do get better with very little force to the spine. A Network Adjustment also called a Spinal Entrainment, uses precise and gentle touches to the spine to cause our bodies to self-heal. Patients who are dealing with aches, pain, and stiffness often feel better early in the course of their plan. People who’ve lost energy, focus, mobility or strength show improvement too. When it’s time to do an exam of their progress, people show better alignment and less pressure in the spine and nerves.


But how does it happen?

There’s a lot to know about healing. We’ll be writing about this topic regularly to help you understand how it works.


Spinal GatewaysNerves Drive Healing and Repair

What does a Network Chiropractor really adjust? When I adjust or entrain your spine, I’m working with something called Spinal Gateways. What are Spinal Gateways? Inside your spinal column is the spinal cord. It’s about 17in / 43cm long and about the width of a finger. The spinal cord is made of over 13 million nerves. We need the nerves to transmit signals between our brain and every part of our body. We literally live and die by those nerves and their signals. When the signals are coming through cleanly, our bodies function and heal as they should. When the nerves are under pressure, the signals can distort and drop out, causing your body, brain, and heart to miss out on important messages. This is when function and repair suffers.

The worst thing is that your body can get distorted signals and you might not notice symptoms until much later.

Fortunately, inside our spinal cords are the Spinal Gateways. Spinal Gateways are the gatekeepers of our nervous system. They are clusters of brain cells and are constantly gathering information from all parts of your body: your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, joints, muscles and other organs. Using the information gathered, Spinal Gateways send out the appropriate signals back to the body. These could be signals to contract or relax a muscle, to tell an organ to do it’s normal function or to switch to repair mode. For people who are injured or having trouble healing, these Spinal Gateways can be asleep and mishandling life-critical information. When that happens, your body doesn’t function or heal the way it should.

Let me say this, your body literally lives and dies by the health of your Spinal Gateways. Every time I entrain, we wake up gateways from their slumber. That is when signals for normal function and repair really flow. That’s how we heal.

Stay tuned for more articles as uncover the mystery of healing.

Dr. Leo

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