Network Chiropractic News – October 2017

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Every month, we cover important topics about people’s lives changing with Network Chiropractic, and developments at the centre. Please read below for this month’s news.


Network Chiropractic for Mothers and Children

Network Chiropractic for Mothers and Children

Health for New and Expecting Moms

While last month’s blog talked about loss, this month we look at the flip side of the coin – abundance. This month is filled with countless reminders of life’s abundance. Farmers markets now burst with squashes, berries, greens and corn. All the trees now stand out because of their leaves going yellow, orange, and red. Children fill the playground. Expecting mothers stroll through the park. How rich is a city like this?

With a second life growing, expecting mothers truly experience abundance. Over nine months’ time, a pregnant mother grows her child from two half cells to nine trillion cells! It’s a huge amount of growth and it’s all possible because of the growing baby’s nervous system. The nervous system orchestrates the growth and operation of every single organ, tissue and cell. It’s a miracle of life with each new baby that comes into this world.

It’s a miracle because so many things can complicate a successful pregnancy. Environmental toxins cause sperm counts to plummet. Stress during pregnancy can lead to children with behavioural issues. Obesity during pregnancy may cause cerebral palsy. The news about the pressures on pregnant women and their spines and nervous systems are frightening and never-ending.

The Good News with Network Chiropractic

As a Network Chiropractor, what is most important is the health of the spine and nervous system of you and your child. Physical changes with pregnancy affect it all. Increasing weight with pregnancy puts extra pressure on the spine. Changes to centre of gravity make it harder to maintain proper posture leading to spinal misalignment, low back pain, and disc herniation. The hormonal shifts that come late in pregnancy will cause spinal and pelvic ligaments to relax which can lead to spinal and pelvic instability. If we put pressure on the spine, change its alignment, or decrease its stability, how can the nervous system function optimally?

For both mother and child, pregnancy can come with big stresses on the spine and nervous system. A Network Chiropractor keeps your spine properly aligned and your nervous system functioning at its best. Network Chiropractic ensures a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child.

With Network Chiropractic, we’re able to determine if stresses during pregnancy could be affecting the spines and nervous systems of you or your child. And if we find an issue, Network Chiropractic can help.

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Come for our workshops and special events

Come for our workshops and special events

Ongoing Classes and Events

Mommy Mondays –Babysitting for practice members with infants and toddlers. Mondays 11am – 1pm.

12 Stages of Healing – Mondays 6:30pm for 20 minutes (included in your treatment plan)

Yoga Hour – Unwind from Monday – Mondays 7:15pm for 60 minutes ($10 fee)

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Stay on track with your entrainments

Stay on track with your entrainments

Upcoming Closures

Please ensure you stay on track with your entrainments by scheduling extra visits when there are office closures and vacations.

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