Network Chiropractic News – November 2017

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Every month, we cover important topics about people’s lives changing with Network Chiropractic. Please read below for this month’s news.


A Lifetime of Health Starts Today

How did you start a lifetime of health with Network Chiropractic? I remember when started my journey many years ago, with my own Network Chiropractor. I thought I was in good health, but my body was breaking down. And when I met my Network Chiropractor, I found out that the breakdown started far before I noticed any symptoms. Thank goodness I started care before it got even more serious!

Why did I start care? Because my friend shared with me his turnaround from Network Chiropractic. So how did you start? Did someone share their story with you?

This holiday season, you have the chance to share your story by sharing the Gift of Health. People like you are getting your life back because someone stood up for you. Isn’t it time you paid it forward to your friends, family, and loved-ones?

The Gift of Health starts today at Source. Everyone knows at least two people who are sick, suffering, or taking drugs. Please speak with Dr. Leo or Rekha to give them this gift.



Camille Shares Her Turnaround Story

Camille is receiving Network Chiropractic care and since starting, her life has dramatically changed for the better. Here’s her story:

Before Network Chiropractic, I had burning in my upper back and a lot of headaches. I was always feeling tired, and just so “low”. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Today, I can’t believe what a difference Dr. Leo has made in my life’s journey to be able not to have pain, and to feel more normal is amazing! I no longer feel low and can keep up with my kids. Dr. Leo has shown me that my spine was the issue, and he’s helping me take care of it! So thankful.

Every day, people like Camille are getting health for a lifetime because they heard about Network Chiropractic from their friend, family or loved one. They heard stories of blood pressure going down. A full night’s sleep for the first time in ages. Digestion improving. Healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. This holiday season, share your story with the Gift of Health.


Come for our workshops and special events

Come for our workshops and special events

Ongoing Classes and Events

Mommy Mondays – Babysitting for practice members with infants and toddlers. Mondays 11am – 1pm.

SRI: 12 Stages of Healing – Mondays 6:30pm for 20 minutes (included in your treatment plan)

Yoga Hour – Unwind from Monday – Mondays 7:15pm for 60 minutes ($10 fee)

Please register with Rekha.


Stay on track with your entrainments

Stay on track with your entrainments

Upcoming Closures

Please ensure you stay on track with your entrainments by scheduling extra visits around office closures and vacations.

  • Monday December 25 – Thursday January 4, 2018
  • Afternoon of Thursday January 11, 2018
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