Network Chiropractic News – December 2017

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Every month, we cover important topics about people’s lives renewed with Network Chiropractor Dr. Leo. Please read below for this month’s news.


What Are You Giving This Christmas?

How does it feel to receive a gift? My son, wise teacher, showed me the right way. Kendrick received a new stuffed animal this weekend and for the next 15 minutes showed every imaginable expression of glee and delight in his stroller. He jumped around. He smiled. He laughed. He moaned. He squealed. He giggled. He held that stuffed dog so tight to his face we wondered if there’d be an imprint. Then what? With every ounce of joy poured out, he fell asleep the rest of the way home.

At our core, we all receive gifts with this joy. After seeing Kendrick, I now know this! Now that you know this too, what would it be like for a loved one to receive the best gift from you? With the Gift of Health you get to be the best gift giver and it costs you nothing at all. It’s an exam, report and two weeks of care with Dr. Leo. It’s worth over $400 and costs nothing.

There’s only two weeks left to give the Gift of Health. Please speak with Rekha or Dr. Leo today to send your gift.


Healthy Spines Start from the Bed

Some of the most stressful things happen overnight. Such as going to bed with the stress of the day. Or sleeping on the wrong pillow and mattress.

This month, we look at how to minimize spinal misalignment with your pillow. The main factor in choosing the right pillow is your sleep position.

Back sleepers should use a medium to thin pillow. Down and feather filled pillows are great for back sleepers because they allow your head to rest back and still give your neck the support it needs to maintain the ideal C-curve. Soft memory foam may also work for back sleepers.

Side sleepers should use a firmer pillow. Synthetic fill pillows, foam and latex pillows will give you the firmness and support to keep your head and neck in the proper position.

Stomach sleepers fare best with thin pillows made with down and feathers.

If you change positions through the night, I encourage you to experiment with different pillows. Ask Dr. Leo and he will help your narrow your choices.


Ongoing Classes and Events

Mommy Mondays – Babysitting for practice members with infants and toddlers. Mondays 11am – 1pm.

SRI: 12 Stages of Healing – Mondays 6:30pm for 20 minutes (included in your treatment plan)

Yoga Hour – Unwind from Monday – Mondays 7:15pm for 60 minutes ($10 fee)

Please register with Rekha.


Stay on track with your entrainments

Upcoming Closures

Please ensure you stay on track with your entrainments by scheduling extra visits around office closures and vacations.

  • Monday December 25 – Thursday January 4, 2018
  • Afternoon of Thursday January 11, 2018
  • Monday February 19
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