Network Chiropractic News – April 2018

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It’s April and spring is finally arriving. Take a deep soothing breathe as you read the April news.


Traction - © billy lee / belight

Traction blocks at Source – © billy lee / belight

Traction FAQs

Many of you have been practicing your spinal traction and have asked many useful questions. If you’ve been meaning to ask questions about traction, see below.

Q: While I traction may I bend my knees? Or cross my legs? Or do a butterfly stretch for my legs?

A: Moving your legs while tractioning can cause your spine to shift away from its correction position on the traction unit. Please check with Dr. Leo beforehand.

Q: When’s the best time to traction?

A: Any time is great. Pick a time that you can add to your regular routine.

Q: May I break up the traction time into 5 or 10 minute chunks? Or take breaks?

A: Your spine will improve its alignment best if you traction all at once without a break.

Q: I get bored and fidgety during my 20 minutes of traction. What do I do?

A: Traction is a great time to be still and meditate. You can also practice SRI, breathing or prayer. Listening to gentle music is another option. Please don’t use your electronic devices like a phone or tablet. Please don’t read a book, turn your head or use your voice. These activities can strain your neck while tractioning.

Great questions everyone. Keep on tractioning!
Dr. Leo



For practice members during their entrainments. Please register with Rekha.

Mondays 11am – 1pm



Stay on track with your entrainments

Upcoming Closures

Please ensure you stay on track with your entrainments by scheduling extra visits around office closures and vacations.

  • Wed Apr 25 afternoon
  • Thursday Apr 26
  • Monday May 21
  • June 4 – 7
  • Monday July 2
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