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Last month, I went to the Om festival in Collingwood . For one week, a temporary community camps in a beautiful forest, and works cooperatively to create the event. Everyone who attends is required to participate in the collective vision. Even meals are communal.

Spending 5 consecutive days in the forest with nothing to do but be is complicated. As in other years, I grappled with the absence of urgency and purpose my urban existence demands. Without the ceaseless waves of doing pushing and pulling me in a tidal frenzy, I am left feeling sore, vulnerable, and at times lonely. Yet, day by day, the barriers built up by city living peel off; at times, whole walls collapse into a shivering heap of ash at my feet. And the forest, in its infinite presence and murmuring silence, holds the space for this opening, this deepening of connection with self.

A literal understanding of “spending time in nature” is to dwell within one’s own nature. Being in nature is not simply the act of wandering through a park, it is about wandering through oneself. The so-called natural world invites this connection because it exists in perpetual presence. Trees dwell in their nature, as do flowers, squirrels, raccoons, bumblebees, and blue jays. Nature is not something that happens somewhere outside the confines of our houses, streets or cities; nature is within us, it is what we are.
My invitation to you is to spend time in your nature. This can mean being in a presence-ful environment such as a park, or beach, or forest; practicing prayer, or still or moving meditation; singing; dancing; even laying down in a quiet room and simply feeling your feelings. Exploring and becoming intimate with the world within you ultimately opens you to the world around. Spending time in your nature brings you home to the deeply interconnected reality of life.

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