feminine energies, winter and finding inner voice

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For me, I feel the winter is a great time to dive into my feminine energies. Why? Winter is a Yin time of year which corresponds with the feminine.

My teacher, Racheal Jayne Groover who developed the Art of Feminine Presence™ practice, has put it this way: “A woman who embodies her feminine essence (Yin) is intimate with her internal experience. She often looks inward to her physical, emotional, and energetic body to guide her. She waits for the “right time” to make a choice or a change. Attuned to her intuition, she does not feel the need to rush ahead or struggle to achieve her goals.”

This is winter for me. A time to snuggle up at home, within myself and connect with how I’m truly feeling and what it is I truly want for myself. A time to process, and integrate what’s led me to this point and to listen to the deep inner voice and the stirrings of what wants to be born next.

I struggled for years to make contact to this ‘inner voice’. I knew it existed but my connection to it was unreliable and tenuous at best. I doubted so much. It wasn’t until I attended my first Art of Feminine Presence™ (AFP) class where within the evening’s practice, miraculously and undeniably I ‘heard’ it (I actually saw it but that’s for another post). I was blown away by the guidance I received and I was understandably hooked on the AFP practice.

For me the AFP practices are a lot about embodiment and opening up new and ever more potent experiences of Presence. As a result, it’s difficult to describe or talk about. It means significantly less than the actual experience.

So, you may have heard that now I am a certified teacher!

As it is a practice, I continue to go deeper and so my experience keeps expanding. The best I can offer is some of what I feel in this moment:

  • more  grounded and centred than I have ever felt in my life
  • a greater feeling of safety, of joy, of the ‘rightness’ of things
  • an enhanced sense of my place in the world and with the people with whom it is shared
  • deeply connected to my intuition and inner guidance
  • enhanced intimacy in personal relationships

We have been hosting introductory evenings called “Getting in Touch with Your Feminine Essence at Source for over a year, and now there is more feminine energy flowing than ever before…

I chose to ‘teach’ this work so that I could go deeper into my own practice. In doing so, I am continually struck by how powerful it is. I am awestruck and humbled and so very grateful to experience and share space with bold, generous women exploring and reclaiming themselves. This is spiritual work of the sort that I’ve been searching for my entire life.

I lead a weekly closed group that runs for 5 week and then starts up again. This February 1st, we’ll also be doing a one day intensive for anyone wanting to jump right in and not having the time for an ongoing series.  Please call me at 416-923-4325 or email me if you’d like more information or to join us.

And stay tuned for more posts. The adventure has just begun.

In Love & Wholeness,


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