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We are well into 2012 and it’s time for some spring detox and revisiting our new year’s resolutions.  A great way to ease into this season is to do some yoga!  With good weather just around the corner (hopefully!), we here at Source Centre thought yoga would be a great way to bring some balance and a state of zen into our lives.  So for the month of May, we want to see how many yoga classes we can all do!  We are going to keep track as a collective and see how dedicated we can be as yogis/yoginis. Tell us about your sadhana (practice).

We are happy to offer yoga classes right here at Source Centre with our instructor Genie Davis! And starting on the first day of the May yoga challenge, we are pleased to introduce our newest yoga instructor Rupel Pandya. Rupel is offering yoga classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Genie continues to offer her Tuesday 10:30am class as well as a new Thursday 10:30am class. Please check out our special event schedule for more details and call us at 416-923-4325 or show up for yoga class to register for the challenge. See you on the mat all of May.


Keep track of your progress to win great prizes

Whoever does the most yoga by the end of the challenge will receive a Network Spinal Analysis session and Chakra/Marma therapy with Dr. Anita Rajan!  How blissful is that? Register for the challenge by calling us at 416-923-4325.


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our yoga challenge who won an Ayurvedic session!  May the light of Ayurveda illuminate our hearts and our minds! Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and a wonderful approach to health and wellness.


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