March 2017 News

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Happy March! This month, we talk about simplicity and focus.


Simplicity: It’s About Focus

It’s been 3 weeks of ruthlessly decluttering our new home. And the results are in. We have pared down our belongings by at least a quarter, even a third! It feels so good to have the space to breathe and move around. How did we get to here?

Focus was the key. Forget multitasking: we couldn’t declutter while dealing with phone calls or emails. We had to focus our minds, our eyes, and our hands on just one thing – decluttering. Practicing focus over 3-4 weeks, my wife and I were able to unpack and store away things that serve a purpose and bring joy, and filter out things that did not. Because of the focus we brought to decluttering, we have way more living space. Plus our home has never looked better, and we finally feel home sweet home.

Renewed Focus at Source

Your healing is my first and only priority. To create the greatest possible focus and power during your entrainment and healing process, we are making a change at Source Centre. Starting Monday March 5, 2017, your entrainments will take place in silence. As soon as you enter the entrainment room and rest face down on the table, your entrainment begins.

Your observations and questions are hugely important to your entrainment and healing process. To communicate any information or ask any questions, please write them on your travel cards before entering. I will carefully consider them as we proceed with your entrainment. We will have further opportunity to discuss your observations and questions during our reviews.

In simplicity, focus, and health,
Dr. Leo



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