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As the seasons change and we look back to reminisce over the year, we realize how quickly time can pass by and leave us wondering how we spent our days and what we accomplished. This is precisely why it is so important to have intentions to help us keep on track of our life goals.

When you live with intention, daily happenings take on special meaning. Thinking positive thoughts and living in the present moment allow clear focus and create awareness within yourself. You can truly savor the moment. Becoming conscious about your thoughts will shift your thinking and create understanding in your heart. Always remember to enjoy the moment, as all these moments add up to the happiness in your life.

When you act with good intentions, you are building good karma. There’s a radiant glow in your being and any dream is possible! It is so important to realize that your thoughts and words CAN change the way you feel and how you lead your life. When you focus your mind with a specific intent, you can achieve so much more. People notice your clarity and are so attracted to being around your positive aura and energy.

So I challenge you to set your intention today and give it your full attention. Write it down and return to it throughout the day and see what happens.  It will only take a minute to set your intention.  Staying aware of it will take a little more effort!

For example:  My intention today is to enjoy the beauty surrounding me…  I will do this by taking a walk in the park, gazing out of the window at work, watching the leaves fall from the trees, allowing the sun’s rays or rain drops to kiss my skin while outside.

Go ahead, try it!  MY INTENTION TODAY IS……………

Notice if you feel a change in your awareness and thoughts. The more conscious we are in our interactions, starting with our thoughts, the more we can make change in our lives, however big or small. Being mindful and attentive is the best way to live your life’s full intent.

 By Dr. Anita Rajan

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