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Heading into June finds us in the longest days of the year. This is it: the time to get outside and enjoy as many drops of sunlight and warm weather as possible. We wait through many months of darkness to get to here so what are you doing to make the most of it?

I was inspired by the David Suzuki Foundation challenge this past May to spend 30 minutes in nature for 30 days. Sounds simple enough. However, according to the D S F website, the average Canadian spends more than 90% of their time indoors! Unless we make a deliberate and conscientious effort, it can be easy to miss the summer. 

Do you find yourself saying “Where’s all the time gone?”I hear this from people quite frequently and especially so this past May.

Perhaps you tell yourself that you’ll make it out to something eventually but never somehow quite seem to manage to. It’s so easy to lose track of time and let these days of light and sun slip through our fingers. Don’t let it happen! In the spirit of these beautiful long days of light leading up to the summer solstice, and inspired by the David Suzuki Foundation, I encourage you to commit to spending at least 30 minutes outdoors for 30 days in June. (Then, maybe continue it through to July, August – you get the picture.)

There are many health benefits to being outdoors, including increased vitamin D which has a host of benefits (see Dr. Tara Andresen’s blog earlier this winter on the importance of Vitamin D http://www.sourcecentre.ca/vitamin-d-to-the-rescue-your-secret-weapon-during-the-cold-flu-season/ )

We experience greater peace and healing in nature; our stress levels lower, we are restored and feeling happier. We’re also more likely to experience greater fitness levels the more time we spend outdoors. 

So are you ready to commit to more time outdoors this June (and beyond)?   Let’s walk, run, play, swim. The options are endless. Or why not take indoor activities and bring them outside? This could be office meetings…or eating lunch…or brushing teeth!

Check out the great suggestions on the David Suzuki website and drop by and pick up a journal at Source Centre where you can track your outdoor adventures. Take on the great outdoors this summer, so that when it draws to an end and the days become perceptibly shorter, you can feel satisfied and satiated by all that you did.

Enjoy this sublime season. See you outside.

(photo by Lana, who got outside)



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