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June is here! Summer is around the corner. The sun is shining. Vacation is already here for some of us. And for others, it’s busier than ever. What should we do?


Meetings, Meetings, Meetings, but What about Me and My Health?

For some of us, it’s one meeting after another, long commutes, and taking work home. It’s trying to eat better and exercise more. There’s also family time. And now, you’re committed to your chiropractic care to heal your spine and nervous system.

Hundreds of things have already been said about our busy lives, from practical and systematic, to inspirational and profound. What should we believe?

We each have a unique calling in life. That calling will take us through seasons that feel like abundance or scarcity. No matter what the experience is like for you – joy, excitement, overwhelm, boredom, despair – there’s a purpose to everything, and today always fits into a big and beautiful picture. What is the big and beautiful picture of your life? Is your health and vitality a part of it?

What’s a good way to stay connected to the big picture? Take some quiet time each day to imagine your big picture. Read a good book and journal what you got from it. For me, it’s morning time with the Bible.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Leo


Weekly Classes at Source

Somato-Respiratory Integration – Mondays 6:30pm for 20 minutes (included in your treatment plan)

Hatha Yoga with Lana – Mondays 7:15pm for 60 minutes ($10 fee)

Traction Class – Thursdays 3:45pm for 15 minutes (included in your treatment plan)

Please register with Rekha.


Planning Your Entrainments and Vacations

Is a family vacation or work trip around the corner? When it comes to looking after your spine and nervous system, your weekly entrainments and home exercises are still a priority. Each entrainment builds on the next. If you will miss regular entrainments because you are out of town, or if the office is closed for holiday, please schedule make-up visits in advance to stay on track.

Every month, you’ll receive a new 3 month calendar to plan your regular entrainments as well as your make-up visits.

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