July Challenge: Fruits & Veggies

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(Image: vegetables by Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

It isn’t exactly breaking news that fruits and veggies are good for our health. Or is it?

We were recently inspired after a TEDx talk given by Dr. Terry Wahls who overcame Multiple Sclerosis with a diet that included 9 cups of fruits and vegetables per day. Amazing! She had brought an array of produce with her to the talk; the camera shot panning the beautiful colours of berries, peppers, squash and leafy greens set our mouths watering. So of course we thought, let’s all do it!

And thus the July challenge was born! Thank you to all who participated. (Don’t you feel amazing?)

We hope you continue to eat lots of fruits and veggies. It may sound difficult, but fear not! You don’t need to cut out anything just add! Add all sorts of fruits and veggies with every meal. Some caveats though – keep it fresh, rather than frozen or canned. And no potatoes or corn!

That’s it – no deprivation, just great delicious food. Now that we’re in the hottest months of the year, what better time to really start enjoying nature’s perfect food!

We’ll be announcing the winners of the July challenge soon, please stay posted.

  • 1st prize: a complimentary initial naturopathic visit with Dr. Tara Andresen (a value of $165)
  • 2nd prize: a complimentary nutritional assessment with Dr. Leo Quan (a value of $80)

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Dr. Terry Wahls’ video that inspired us all is below:


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