Network Chiropractic News – July 2017

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Do you ever think about when you started your Network Chiropractic care? I remember when I saw my Network Chiropractor for the first time. I was suffering and my health was going down. I started care because my friend told me the story of his Network Chiropractor. Did someone share their story with you?


Network Chiropractic Healing StoryCecile’s Healing Story

Cecile has been receiving Network Chiropractic care and she’s experienced radical improvement to her health. When I asked Cecile what it has been like to get Network Chiropractic she said,

“I was all hunched over and out of alignment. Breathing was hard. I was so uncomfortable everywhere. There was a cloud over my head – my brain just would not work and my body was working overtime. With Dr. Leo, the cloud has lifted. Everyone is telling me the vitality is back. My body is now able to rest and my brain is back to work. They say that I’m standing taller, that I look amazing. And, I feel much better.”

Every day, people like Cecile are getting their lives back because of Network Chiropractic. There are so many more who don’t know a Network Chiropractor can help. Thank you for sharing your story of Network Chiropractic. Stories of blood pressure going down. A full night’s sleep for the first time in ages. Digestion improving. Healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Please keep sharing!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Leo


Why Do Progress Examinations?

The goal of Network Chiropractic is to correct your spine. Why is that important? When your spine is in proper alignment, your nervous system can function at its best. With a properly functioning brain and spinal cord, your body can optimally function, heal and repair. This helps lead to pain relief as well, but the ultimate goal is to correct the underlying issue.

With progress exams, we check on the progress of your spinal correction. How much is your alignment improving? How much is your nervous system improving, and your function, healing and repair? Do we need to make any tweaks to your care? Progress exams are an integral part of your treatment plan and are scheduled on a regular basis.


Summer Classes

Somato-Respiratory Integration – Mondays 6:30pm for 20 minutes (included in your treatment plan)

Yoga Hour – Unwind from Monday – Mondays 7:15pm for 60 minutes ($10 fee)

Traction Class – Thursdays 3:45pm for 15 minutes (included in your treatment plan)

Please register with Rekha.


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