How Network Chiropractic Improves Symptoms

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It’s common for me to get questions about how Network Chiropractic improves symptoms:

“Dr. Leo, how can gentle touches to the spine possibly improve my symptoms? Shouldn’t you be using more force? I need to feel like you’re doing something, don’t I?”

Network Chiropractic is a special technique that uses gentle touches to cause the body to self-heal. Many people are not familiar with using low-forces for healing. It’s understandable. Symptoms like pain and stiffness usually involves treatment that is uncomfortable or even painful. Medications can cause dangerous side-effects. Surgery is usually too painful without a local or general anesthetic. We expect that every treatment comes with something unpleasant or risky. We expect to have something “done” to us and be able to “feel” the treatment working, even if it’s painful.

Network Chiropractic takes a completely different approach. Treatment consists of a series of one or more precise and gentle adjustments to the spine that cause your body to internally heal the underlying tension and injuries. Even though patients barely notice the adjustments, imperceptible changes start happening in the body right away. Your spine and nervous system being waking up to the pressure and injuries that have been building up. It’s common that people feel more symptoms early in the process because their bodies are becoming more self-aware.

Nervous SystemAnd this is the key issue in healing – self-awareness. When I ask patients when their symptoms started, I’m often told, “I’m not exactly sure when I started noticing it.” This is a strong sign of poor self-awareness. Without strong self-awareness, we can’t make changes to our lifestyle to reverse the injuries. Without the self-awareness, symptoms go unnoticed – maybe for months to years – before we recognize a problem. Without self-awareness, our body’s own ability to heal is diminished.

Network Chiropractic specializes in teaching you and your nervous system the ability to be self-aware and self-heal. No painful or risky treatment. No dangerous side-effects. A Network Chiropractor is not “doing” something to you, instead she is teaching your body how to recognize what’s happening inside and “do” the healing itself just as nature intended.

Yours in health,

Dr. Leo


PS: If you found this information helpful, please email us for a consultation to find out how Network Chiropractic can help you.


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