How Network Chiropractic can Change Your Life

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shutterstock_50499851The other day I was making dinner while listening to CBC’s As it Happens, when I heard “the voice”. That is, Andy Barrie’s voice, which immediately lured me to really listen in. A warm familiar voice, Andy is a former Metro Morning host, which I continue to wake up to daily, catching up on the news of the day as I get ready for work.

Andy was being interviewed to share the highs and lows of his journey with Parkinson’s and the results of his treatment with “Deep Brain Stimulation” or DBS. In a nutshell, DBS uses electricity to “stimulate” the brain to suppress the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Andy shared that DBS is even used to treat people with anorexia and chronic depression. This came as a surprise to him when he first learned about this from his doctor. He thought anorexia and depression were primarily psychiatric diseases. Andy’s doctor explained,“There’s no such thing as a psychiatric versus a neural disease. Everything in the brain is expressed in some way or another.”

Hearing this, I was struck by the importance of our nervous system. Until hearing Andy Barrie, I didn’t see how vital the nervous system is for our emotional, mental, and physical well-being — or in a word, “Everything”. My next thought was then, how powerful chiropractic can improve my body’s everyday function… for everything. Chiropractic is not just for back pain, neck pain, headaches or when our bodies don’t seem to be functioning well. Chiropractic is also for maintaining proper everyday functions like rest, repair and digestion.

shutterstock_momswingingchildbeachGoing to see Network Chiropractor Dr. Leo Quan, for over two years now, I’ve learned that the key to chiropractic is making your nervous system more effective. Network Chiropractic, a gentle method of chiropractic that clears up the “traffic jams” in the nervous system caused by stress and disease, helps your brain to better communicate with the rest of your body. It’s helped me with my back pain and neck pain. It’s helped me feel less stressed and be better connected.

Network Chiropractic is a great tool for restoring and enhancing the nervous system. With Network Chiropractic, I’ve felt numerous health benefits from treating chronic pain to mental and emotional well-being.

Want to experience the benefits of Network Chiropractic first hand? Call us at (416) 923-4325 or email to book an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Leo Quan.

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