Being Healthy with Fibromyalgia – Network Spinal Analysis

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Living with Fibromyalgia can be an ongoing experience with pain, fog and fatigue. There may be no injury present, or compared to the symptoms the injury is small. Or, it may have healed long ago, so why does it still ache?

Fibromyalgia and other forms of chronic pain do not happen because of muscles or joints alone. Some skeptics may even tell you it’s all in your head. So what is really happening? The latest understanding is that our nervous system plays a big role.

What’s the nervous system?

It is made up of nerve endings, nerves and the spinal cord. These are the sensors, wiring and switches for gathering, transmitting and processing input from all parts of the body. The nervous system’s largest processing centre is the brain. This is where the nervous system receives the signals and makes its best interpretation. For many people living with Fibromyalgia or other forms of chronic pain, the nervous system is miswired and distorts what should be benign input. The result is a painful misinterpretation, ouch!

What this all means is that pain comes from our nervous system and in particular the brain.

If the pain experience comes from a brain miswired, how do we address the pain and get back to health? Pain medication, usually the first resort, can quiet the nerves and the pain centres in the brain. Unfortunately, pain meds modify the experience only and not the underlying issue. Take away the medication and the pain returns. Why? The nervous system is still misinterpreting signals as painful. Reorganizing the nervous system is the key to health.

How do we improve the health of the nervous system and correct the signal distortion? We need to reorganize the sensors, wiring and switches. We need to rewire the nervous system.


Dr. Leo Quan in treatment (entrainment) using Network Spinal Analysis.

A treatment (entrainment) with Dr. Leo Quan using Network Spinal Analysis.

Network Spinal Analysis

A gentle approach can be the answer. Network Spinal Analysis is leading edge chiropractic that has helped improve Fibromyalgia symptoms and achieve greater health using a system of light touch. Developed by chiropractor Dr. Donald Epstein, Network Spinal Analysis helps the body form new connections between brain and body. It is a gentle technique that is well suited to people living with Fibromyalgia. Light touch is used along specific areas of the spine causing large-scale changes across the entire body.

The gentle touches, applied with as much force as putting in a contact lens, are made over specific areas called “spinal gateways”. Gateways are critical information processing centres for our nervous system. They’re how the nervous system can monitor and regulate on our inner and outer environments. They are focal areas for free energy and with light touches can help the nervous system to unwind, heal and growth. When a Gateway is contacted the body naturally breathes and moves, stretches, awakens, and releases stuck energy and stress. With regular care, this ability becomes deeply ingrained.

The nervous system is the new cornerstone to health and well-being. Functioning optimally, it helps all parts of the body to communicate with each other. It allows us to sense and adapt to ever changing internal and external environments. For people living with Fibromyalgia or other forms of chronic pain, the nervous system can be miswired and can interfere with normal body function. Network Spinal Analysis makes possible a re-organized and rewired nervous system. If you could rewire ourselves for greater healing, growth and well-being, what would open up for you?

Yours in health,
Dr. Leo Quan


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