Get into Your Groove with a Clear Day!

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On Saturday, November 23 we are co-hosting a full day healing intensive event called a Clear Day.  Clear Days are the most transformative and powerful healing events I have ever been a part of and an incredible opportunity to bust through old patterns and step into something new.  Having hosted 7 Clear Days to now, I am still amazed, inspired and thrilled about what happens for people at the event and beyond.

Clear Days happen at a location external to our regular office environment.  We spend a full day in a community of like minded, open hearted people focused on healing and growth.  Doing healing work in community is a powerful way to create growth, far faster than we can do one-on-one.  We share both consciously and unconsciously with others in our healing process; just think about how you often get more out of doing a group yoga class, meditation, or exercise.

Clear Days are inspired by the work of Dr. Donald Epstein who gave us the wonderful gift of the chiropractic technique called Network Spinal Analysis and the body/breath technique called Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).  At Clear Days we have 3 “entrainment” sessions interspersed with SRI and other body centered workshops to enhance the process and add to the learning.   An “entrainment” is the word we use for the chiropractic care we provide which is designed to help your body connect and release it’s own tension and generate alignment and self healing.  At the upcoming Clear Day we will have 5 chiropractors working at once during the entrainment session with up to 15 people on the tables at once.  The group effect of doing this entrainment together provides a powerful synergy to help people create healing and learning that is not available day to do in the office.

Throughout the day we will go on a journey through the “Seasons of Wellbeing”.  Our first entrainment focuses on the strategies of the season of “Discover”, where we can be authentic with ourselves, learn where we may be running from pain or problems in our lives and we get more connected to our bodies and emotions.  In the second entrainment we embrace the season of “Transform” where we can claim our personal power, commit to making changes in our lives and move into action.  The final entrainment embodies the season of “Awaken” where we move into heart space and experience expansiveness, gratitude, joy, and acceptance to inspire us to be all that we can be in our lives.

This Clear Day’s theme is “Get into Your Groove”.  Our theme is designed to help you learn more about what groove you are living in your life at this time, where you want to be and how to get into your groove and flow of your life day to day by living in the moment and being authentic with yourself and your life.    We want to help you find your groove and groove with your life and with others in a way that feels, effortless, fun and enlivening.

If you would like to learn more or get involved please call our office at (416) 923-4325.  Come groove with us!

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