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C hiropractic has the amazing capacity to heal and facilitate proper functioning of the nervous system by specific adjustments performed by hand. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding this form of healing which can be done in a very safe, effective manner. So, I’d like to help you understand how gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine along with soft tissue therapies can help to alleviate everyday musculoskeletal and joint conditions.

Chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations to the articulations (spinal and extremity) help restore optimal movement and maintain alignment of the joints.  Keeping proper movement of the joints intact is very important, especially with so many stressors that we encounter everyday. Chiropractic adjustments help to keep joints in motion, relieve compression of the nerves and reduce muscle tension.  A nervous system that has no interference can work maximally and allow proper signals to be conducted throughout the body, leading to health and wellness.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine along with soft tissue therapies can help to alleviate everyday musculoskeletal and joint conditions.

My approach to gentle chiropractic care includes the following therapies:

Manual adjustments to the joints. I palpate to feel if there are restrictions along the vertebrae of the spine. I then apply a controlled precise movement with gentle pressure along the joint in coordination with your breath to help release the misalignment. If at any time there is discomfort, I ask you to let me know, as there are many modifications that I can make to release a joint fixation. The process is to help relax your system, not to cause any more tension. 

Soft tissue therapy to the muscles. I use trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques to help reduce any muscle tension knots that have developed due to buildup of toxins, adhesions or scar tissue. Heat therapy helps to relax and elongate your muscles, and feels so soothing! I will guide you through breathing techniques to facilitate the release of these tender points in the myofascial connective tissue.

To top it off, you will learn range of motion and muscle stretching/strengthening exercises to help sustain the release and effectiveness of your chiropractic sessions. I promise that the exercises I recommend are totally do-able and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I want to help you learn to use the tools to keep your body healthy! That is my goal for your wellness.

Gentle chiropractic can help keep your nervous system healthy. Be active and stay proactive!

Dr. Anita Rajan

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