February 2017 News

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Happy February! This month, we have a short message about simplicity.


Keeping it Simple

February has been inspiring for me to keep life simple. For me, it’s the right time to practice simplicity: a newborn child and my family is moving to a new apartment. So much is happening right now and it’s been really helpful to keep life simple. How? By having simple meals that come together quickly with few ingredients. By paring down our belongings 25%, by riding my bike to get to Source and break a sweat, and by seeing my Network Chiropractor to stay in optimal health.

How is seeing a Network Chiropractor keeping it simple? Your nervous system coordinates the function and healing of every system in your body. When your nervous system is optimized by a Network Chiropractor, all your systems can function and heal optimally. It’s health care made simple.

Yours in simplicity and in health,
Dr. Leo




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