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Whether you have been told by a practitioner, or simply heard the recommendation on a TV advertisement, it is likely that you are not consuming enough fibre in your daily diet. The average North American does not consume enough fibre in their diet. The recommendation is to consume roughly 28 grams of fibre per day, but North Americans tend to consume just half that.

Too little fibre in the diet can cause digestive problems as well as more serious problems if levels are consistently low. There are two basic types of fibre, insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fibre adds bulk to your diet and aids in normal bowel movements and colon health. Whole grains, bran, nuts, fruits and vegetables are good sources of insoluble fibres. Soluble fibre is found in oats, beans, peas, apples and other fruit, and berries. It has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fibre’s effects have also widely been studied in what is termed the “second meal effect” of dietary fibre. The second meal effect states that consuming a fibre rich meal not only increases satiety at the time of consumption, but it also has the potential to decrease the blood glucose response in the next meal. This is to say that consuming fibre will make the body more responsive to insulin in a subsequent meal, therefore clearing blood glucose (sugar) from the meal more readily for efficient usage.

There are some simple ways to increase your fibre consumption. Read food labels to see whether or not the food has added fibre benefits. Chose whole grain breads, and add vegetables to your meals. Top salads with beans and nuts. When consuming more fibre than normal, it is important to consume plenty of liquids in an effort to minimize gastrointestinal discomfort.

Looking for some help in getting on track with your nutrition? A nutritionist can help.

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