Easy Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Health

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If you could do something fast and easy twice a month and experience long-term health and wellness benefits as a result,  would you do it? It’s what a recent study from SPINE (click for link) concluded about what seeing a chiropractor can do for lower back pain sufferers1. Twice a month is not much time or effort compared to other healthy habits, right? Brushing your teeth is a twice daily affair. Most experts agree we should eat 3 healthy meals and take in 2 litres of fluids each day. And exercise 30 minutes 4-5 times a week.

So what exactly can a chiropractor do for you?

Some of the health benefits to seeing a chiropractor regularly:

  • Prevent Injuries and Disability4
  • Less chance of re-injury4
  • Less need for drugs for pain relief 2
  • Better overall health3
  • Freedom to have a more active lifestyle2
  • Fewer allergies and infections2

There’s never been stronger evidence that seeing a chiropractor can make a difference for your health. The research literature supports chiropractic. My patients tell many stories of how their health improved from Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic (click here for link). Are you the next person to see a chiropractor and get amazing results? Click here to learn more about Network Spinal Analysis.

Not sure if a chiropractor can help you? Please email me at drleoquan@sourcecentre.ca or call us at 416-923-4325 to learn more.



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