Dr. Leo’s October 2012 Beijing Trip

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Months ago, the idea was hatched for my family and I to see some of Beijing’s biggest attractions. The circumstances were perfect. I hadn’t vacationed with my family in ages. Beijing’s sandstorm and summer seasons had long passed. The $99 dollar, 7-day, group tour was too good to pass up. I had never seen Beijing and was dying to travel! All I had to do was pay for my flight and gratuity to the tour guide and bus driver.

I had experience with a previous overseas group-tour and knew what I was signing up for. The daily investment was clear. Early morning wake-up calls. Long bus rides between each point of interest, and, once at each destination, a relatively short visit for photos and walking tour. Three set meals per day. Copious amounts of commentary from the tour guide. Your most relaxing vacation it definitely is not!

The reward? Beijing was an amazing guided experience! The highlights were many. A peaceful time with mom and dad. Making friends with my travel mates; a few were especially great company (thanks to Galvin, Cathy, Lily and Mei!), and were incredibly helpful in translating Cantonese and Mandarin for me. Some amazing entertainment watching the Golden Mask Dynasty, great scenery and architecture. and decent food to boot. Climbing the Great Wall was perhaps the most memorable and challenging adventure while in Bejing. Some of the climbs were 45 degrees for minutes on end!

As positive as it was, Beijing was also a challenging experience. Beijing traffic made Toronto look silky smooth in comparison. The urban smog was noticeable, and a huge contrast to being up in the mountains. All the hours sitting on an airplane and bus was a breeding ground for tension and stiffness. I was left stiff indeed, and it could have been much worse had I not taken measures to ensure good health.

What measures you ask? I’ll share with you on my next blog post! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures that I snapped while touring Beijing.

Yours in health,
Dr. Leo


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