Brighter Days Ahead

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As we walk through the last few crisp days of the cold season and our bodies yearn to stay warm and cozy in hibernation mode, there lie brighter days ahead.  The sun arises a couple of minutes earlier each day and the possibility of new growth blossoms.  The promise of spring fills the air.

It is now a time for cleansing, detox and new beginnings.  It’s a wonderful time to start a new activity, do more things that nourish us, and come out of our cocoons and become social again.  It’s your chance to try something novel and have something to talk about.  So let’s go!  Soon it will be all blue skies and new buds growing.  What are you doing to spring clean your body?

We have some suggestions here at Source Centre and the team is excited to do some detoxifying for the month of April.  Whether it’s eating smarter, ramping up the exercise, cleaning out the closet, renovating and being creative, or simply doing more of the things that make you happy, we want to hear!  Share with us what you plan to do to get that spring back into your step!

Yours in good health,

Dr. Anita Rajan

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