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“I know dance is good medicine for me at these times. Especially at these times.” – Cate Laurier

I started my dance “career” as a dancing chipmunk in an elementary school production of The Sound of Music. That was because I didn’t get selected for the chorus, which is what I’d really craved.

After recovering from the disappointment, I found myself backstage in a precocious moment of Zen clarity. I chose to dive in fully.“Well gosh darn, I’ll be the best dancing chipmunk I can possibly be”.

I danced my heart out. It was exhilarating.

What I learned in my 15 seconds of fame is the power of presence. It’s a lesson I find myself needing to return to time and time again.

Dance is one of the places I feel most at home. Dance is a way to be with myself. It’s a powerful path to connect and transform. Putting on a high energy song can instantly change my mood. Sometimes astonishingly.

But not always. Dance is also where I meet some of my “gnarly knots”. I can’t always look to dance as an escape or instant energy boost or way to transcend troubles. It’s not always about flying high. Sometimes, vexingly, it’s a place to meet myself in all my messiness. And it can feel very tempting to run away from that!

I know dance is good medicine for me at these times. Especially at these times. I don’t always take it.

I love exhilaration as much as anyone. But sometimes I need to dive deep into the turbulent river or stagnant waters.

Trust the power of transformation.

The invitation to being present in dance is a funny paradox. Dance with where I’m at, no matter where I’m at. AND trust the power of transformation. But don’t DEMAND it.

I need to hear my own soul words inside and really take them to heart: “Come, come, whoever you are, however you are, bring your joy, bring your struggle, bring your power, bring your tenderness, bring your weariness, bring your energy, bring your playfulness, bring your tears. All are welcome here.”

By: Cate Laurier

(Cate Laurier is a member of the Source Centre community and loves to dance and explore inner landscapes. She facilitated the June Monthly Groove dance party.)


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