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Music, danceThis is the title of one of my favorite songs by Steve Miller Band.  Here are the opening lyrics:

My grandpa, he’s 95
And he keeps on dancin’
He’s still alive

My grandma, she’s 92 She loves to dance
And sing some, too

I don’t know, but I’ve been told
If you keep on dancing
You’ll never grow old…

I agree!  I love to dance (and sing some too)!

Dancing has been a significant part of my life ever since I was a teenager.  I have never had any formal training in dance and I don’t think it is at all necessary to develop a love of dance and enjoy the many benefits.

Why do I love to dance?  I love music and I love allowing it to move me and my body.  I love to dance in community and enjoy celebrating life through music and dancing.  I love to be expressive and creative with my movements and try different moves and rhythms out.  I love how dancing brings me into my body and into the present moment.  I love that every person, at any age, with any ability can be included in dance. I love how it is a way to bring people together.  I love that I get to exercise my body while I am having fun and don’t even feel like I am “working out”.

As a chiropractor, I think dance is a wonderful way to enhance health and wellbeing.  I often recommend dance as a form of exercise, whether in dance classes, events, parties, or dancing at home (this is what I do a lot of).

I especially appreciate free movements when it comes to dancing.  What we know about the body is that it appreciates random, non-repetitive movements that cause many different muscles, large and small, to be firing and this helps our joints and spines be in healthy alignment.  Free, or ecstatic, dance is a way to move the body without any structured or choreographed movements.

Here at Source Centre we are hosting our first monthly ecstatic dance event on Wednesday, April 23rd starting at 7:30pm.  We invite you come to dance and play with us.  We aim to create a safe space where everyone feels welcome, free to be themselves and free to move their bodies as they please.  If you feel perfectly at ease with dance, or if it is new and scary for you, just come, we welcome all of it!

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