Lunch and Learn Program

Source Centre Lunch and LearnWhat is a Lunch and Learn?

A Source Centre Lunch and Learn is a workshop scheduled during lunch hour at your workplace. Staff bring their own lunches during this informal workshop. Your Lunch and Learn would feature educational content that is custom-tailored to suit your organization. The workshops can be information-based, practical/hands-on or a blend of both.


Faced with too little time and too many demands, businesses have few opportunities to train employees for better productivity, well-being and job satisfaction. Staff schedules can be difficult to coordinate. Sending employees out for seminars and workshops is costly and inconvenient. A Source Center Lunch and Learn workshop is a convenient way for staff to learn healthier lifestyle choices at a low cost.

  • Training at low cost and no loss of work time
  • Staff remain at the office
  • Seen as an extra workplace benefit
  • Increased health, satisfaction and morale for staff
  • Workshops are short and training can be applied immediately at the office and home

Why should I have a Lunch and Learn?

Long-term success depends on the health of your staff. Healthy employees means fewer sick days, improved productivity, better job satisfaction and morale, and less staff turnover.

Where do Lunch and Learns take place?

Source Centre Lunch and Learns take place at your office, store, warehouse or factory.

How long is a Lunch and Learn?

Workshops typically span no longer than a lunch hour. They can be tailored to fit your schedule.

What if my staff have a specific need?

Source Centre has an expert team in many areas of health.
We will design a Lunch and Learn to fit your needs. Contact us at 
416-923-4325 or to inquire.

How much does it cost?

Lunch and learns are very cost-effective to boost staff productivity and morale. Workshops are priced very affordably and have a large and rapid return on investment. Contact us at 416-923-4325 or for details.

How do I set up a Lunch and Learn?

Contact us at 416-923-4325 or 
to book your Lunch and Learn today.

From our Naturopath

  • Digestion
  • Skin issues
  • Fatigue
  • Stress management
  • Pain management

From our Registered Holistic Nutritionist

  • Holistic Nutrition 101 - change your diet, change your life
  • Beauty eats - foods for radiant skin
  • Power up - fighting fatigue with food
  • Boost your immunity with food
  • Stress-busters: top 5 foods and supplements to bust stress
  • Eating healthy on the go

From our Chiropractors

  • Solving neck pain and headaches
  • 2 minute solution for stress, anxiety and focus
  • Safe lifting techniques
  • Best health practices for the business professional
  • Predicting your long term health - a health screening