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On Saturday October 27th Source Centre co-hosted a Clear Day event with Integrate Chiropractic (Dr. Derek Cain).  All week we have been receiving exceptional feedback from our attendees! 

Clear Days are a full day community healing event that Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) chiropractors around the world create to provide a focused and intensified environment for people who have been under NSA care

At Clear Days we provide 3 powerful entrainments to the participants over the course of the day.  We generally have 4 or 5 NSA chiropractors working side by side during these sessions and with many people receiving entrainments at once a powerful synergy is created.  The 3 entrainments take our participants on a journey through the “Seasons of Wellbeing”: Discover, Transform, and Awaken. 

We also provide workshops to deepen the healing process.  This time around we had a Somato Respiratory Integration Workshop with Angie Dairou that left people with a deep knowing that they are “ENOUGH”… just as they are… even though they may have been told otherwise for much of their lives.  We also had Virma take our participants through a Kundalini Yoga workshop which got people moving anger in their bodies and connecting with love in their heart.  Myself and my husband, Dr. Robert Coddington, shared a workshop on understanding masculine and feminine energies within each of us and we experienced how to cultivate more masculine or feminine presence in our bodies.  Included in the day was a truly delicious lunch provided by “Portobello Burger”.

I used to be surprised by the magic that would unfold with these healing events.  Nowadays I come to expect it.  This Clear Day did not disappoint.  It is incredible to witness our Practice Members touching deep places within and then being opened up to the magic within their hearts.  I am grateful to the work of Dr. Donald Epstein who has helped us provide such powerful and transformational work to so many people.  I am also grateful to our communities and participants who love this work and keep coming back for more and more depth, healing, and growth. 

Here is what one of our participants, who has been to numerous Clear Days, wanted to share with anyone who is interested in participating:

“Enter with a heart that is open to yourself, others, and discovery.  Suspend the desire to judge or leave with answers.  Be open.  Then hold the events, feeling, energy of the day in your heart for as long as possible afterwards and you will learn and/or grow from the richness of everyone’s experience.”


Stay tuned for the next Clear Day – set to happen in the spring of 2013.

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